Custom WordPress Development

We can help you or your business to create a fast and easy-to-use WordPress site.

Our Principles and Used Technologies

How We Work

We Work Together to Reach the Goal

Our goal is to create a site that lasts and stands strong. With you and your idea, alongside with our expertise we can achieve an endproduct that serves your puroses for years.

We Use WordPress

WordPress is a popular and efficient content management system (CMS), which provides a great platform for smaller or bigger sites. Its great advantage is the continous development and its felxibility.

Continuous Communication

This Is How the Workflow Looks Like

We Measure, We Talk

We go through the requirements and measure the specific needs.

Design and Wireframe

Based on the information we get, we create an HTML wireframe that you can test on every device.

WordPress Development

After the wireframe is accepted, we plug it in to WordPress. The goal is to make the content nearly 100% editable.

Testing and Fixing

We (including you) continuously test the site. After, it works the way it should, we put it in production.

There Are Many Reasons, Let's See Some

This Is Why We Use WordPress

We Know the System

We can cover a wide range of concepts with WordPress. From a simple portfolio site to a complex webshop.

Huge Ecosystem

Various plugins and resources are present that help everyone to cover the needs.

It's a Good System

WordPress is great when it's used for what it's made for. We try use less, yet more reliable plugins.

Easily Maintainable

Even you can maintain or update the system. Of course, if you wish we can handle it for you.

SEO Friendly

If the site is fast and performant, there are great possiblilities in SEO for you.

Easily Extendable

We also can extend your site with custom plugins, if you have special needs.

Extending Functionality

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress is an extensible system. If you need a custom plugin, we can help you.

We made WooCommerce plugins – such as OTP SimplePay gateway, DHL shipping, and various native WordPress plugins as well. As we see, development is often about extending the current functionality.

At this point, it’s important to note, there are needs that WordPress can’t serve perfectly. If your need is unique and requires lots of support in the longer term, we recommend considering application development.

Some Questions and Their Answers


Which plugins do you use for development?

Általában a népszerűbb és jobb felépítésű bővítményeket részesítjük előnyben. Ilyen például a Yoast SEO bővítménye, vagy a WP Rocket. Ha webáruházról van szó, akkor WooCommerce-et használunk. Ha velünk dolgozol jár neked a fizetős WPML (nyelvesítés), WP Rocket (teljesítmény optimalizálás), ACF (egyedi mezők kezelése).

Do you work with purchuased themes?

No, our themes are all custom developments. This means the end-product will contain only what is necessary based on the needs we arranged in advance.

In some cases we do some work in purchuased themes, but only based hourly rates and not in a fixed project based price.

What about maintenance?

We take care of our products. This means, we do maintenance and support the end-product. If it’s about a third party product, then we rarely do maintenance.

Do You Need a New Website?

Contact us, so we can discuss the details of your project.

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