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Web Based Applications

With the help of Laravel and other reliable technologies, we can help you to achieve your goals better.

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Why you need an application?

When your idea requires complex and unique solutions that are not easy to implement with a simple CMS or any other ready-to-use solution, the time has come to think about a web application.

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We're developing with Laravel

Laravel is a great choice when it’s about application development. It’s a complex and powerful PHP framework with a huge ecosystem around it. We have a deep knowledge of it and we are contributors as well.



What you need to know

Developing an application can be complicated; here, you can find some helpful information to understand it better.

It is nice to know what kind of system you need

Modern applications have multiple layers to serve users' needs efficiently. You may need an API layer to serve a mobile application or connect two systems. Or you need a custom e-commerce solution that can communicate properly with your CRM.

Both are applications but do different things. An application can achieve many things, but the first step is to define what you need.

Modularity and scalability are what you always want

These two are popular application development buzzwords but still crucial ones. To create a testable, extendable application, you need modularity and scalability.

To support and maintain something long-term, you need solid and good architecture from the start.

We prefer Vue.js on the front-end

Vue.js is the perfect tool to extend Laravel on the front-end. It covers everything you need on a modern and capable application.

Depending on the context, we can also opt for Apline.js or React.

UI and UX matters

A proper application requires unique UI and UX solutions as well. We can also help you to design a clean and straightforward user interface that is easy to use.

We create the UI tailored to the project needs from the ground up.

Documentation and code quality matters to us

We write the code adopting the coding and documenting standards from the official documentation of Laravel to make the application easily understandable and futureproof.

Writing code as we do makes it possible to do better static analysis and integrate the project into any CI workflow.

We are serious about the quality of our code, which can also help you create a project for the future (with or without us).

Hosting and DevOps

We will only be your developers. Unfortunately, we don't deliver hosting or any DevOps tasks. For more straightforward web applications, we can utilize Laravcel Forge, but for more critical ones, you also need a person or a team to manage the serving of the project.

We can suggest a good college of ours if needed for this purpose.


Some frequent questions in advance.

I need a Laravel package. Can you help?

Absolutely! Remember that developing a package is the same as creating anything custom. The first step is to look into your current app and its state; we are good to go if it is ready to handle a new package.

Deprecated Laravel versions do not get support, so you should update your application before planning to integrate a package. We can also help with the update.

I have a startup idea. Can you help?

It depends on your idea and needs, but we are sure we can be a great fit.

By working with a modern stack (Laravel, Vue.js), we can help you to take the next step. We can allocate our time usually (in advance) for 3-6 months. But of course, we can adapt.

Is accessibility a concern of yours?

We prefer to call ourselves inclusive designers. One of our primary goals is to make a more accessible web. We know that a11y is only in some project's budget, but we still implement basic good practices to help make a more barrier-free application.

If you are committed, we can also follow the newest recommended WCAG standard.


We talk, measure the needs

The first step of our cooperation is information gathering and specification writing to measure the project and set the goals.


We design the app interface

We start to design your application. You'll get a prototype in HTML and CSS that you can approve.


Laravel and Vue

At this point, we focus on the code on both back-end and front-end. This is where we build your app's core and functionality.


Testing and iterating

Testing is essential. This is why we pay huge attention to writing tests and fix the bugs we or you find. Then iterate.

Want to develop your Laravel application with us?

Do you have a project idea and don’t know where to start? Write to us, and maybe we can help!