Development Team of Two

We are two developers located in Hungary and Switzerland, who learn, publish, and work together.

About Us

Adam is responsible for the design and the front-end, while Gergő takes care of the back-end and some front-end tasks as well. This way, we can extend each other’s skills and we are able to ship well crafted code without lying about being fullstack developers.

Our Skills

On the front-end we do UI design, including working with CSS frameworks and writing custom CSS code for the needs that a framework cannot fill. Also, we work with several JavaScript technologies and frameworks – for example Vue, GreenSock – but we believe, frameworks can’t solve everything, so often we write more or less complex JavaScript codes as well. To cover the back-end we develop themes and plugins for WordPress sites, but if we face with a bit larger scale, our choice is the Laravel ecosystem.

Our Values

We are looking for partners and not for employers. If you just need a team, who ships what you want – like soldiers – we are not the guys you are searching for. But if you have a need for cooperation that lasts, let’s work together!

Want to Work with Us?

You have a project and you don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us to discuss you project’s details. Maybe we can help you.