Team of Two

We are passionate web developers who work, learn, publish, and create together.

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A Few Words About Us

About Us

Adam is responsible for the design and the front-end, while Gergő takes care of the back-end and some front-end tasks as well. This way, we can extend each other’s skills, and we are able to ship well-crafted code. Currently, we are located in Switzerland and Hungary. We like to communicate in English.

Our Skills

On the front-end we do UI design, including working with CSS frameworks and writing custom CSS code for the needs that a framework cannot fill. Also, we work with several JavaScript technologies and frameworks – for example Vue.js, GreenSock – but we believe, frameworks can’t solve everything, so often we write more or less complex JavaScript codes as well.

Combining with Laravel, we can build comprehensive solutions with Vue.js. We know it well and like it much.

To cover the back-end we develop themes and plugins for WordPress sites, but if we face with a bit larger scale, our choice is the Laravel ecosystem.

We may help you in any Laravel based project because:

Our Values

We are looking for partners and not for employers. If you just need a team, who ships what you want – like robots – we are not the guys you are searching for. But if you need:

  • cooperation that lasts,
  • excellent and up-to-date knowledge,
  • respect for your organization and your goals,
  • a small and agile team that delivers fulfills the undertaken tasks and more.

Let’s work together!

We Are Learners

Web development is an infinite area if you want to learn. We think that it is a challenge to do our best in a continuously changing environment, but we can like it very much. No matter what we build, we try to do it in a new way, which we can learn from, a method that lasts.

If you want to know more about how we think we can recommend you two book: Rework, Remote.

Who We Are

Gergő D. Nagy

Back-end Developer

Laravel and Back-end developer. Architecture design, optimization, JS writing using Vue.js.

Adam Laki

Front-end Developer

Front-end developer with broad interest. Performance, UI, UX design, accessibility.

We know our craft, and we have an official Laravel Certification, which was taken by Gergő. We can help you with high quality code.


Hard Question, We Can Help!

Why Should You Choose Cone?

We Work With You

We are not your ordinary contractor; we truly care about proper cooperation.

We Care About Quality

We give you our best. The result will be sustainable at the back, too; besides, it will work as discussed.

We Care About the Details

The success of a project depends on a lot of small things. We want to know your business and your goal.

This Is Not Just Our Job

Our profession is our passion. We know when to use what and so on.

Check Out Our Services

We can help you with website or web application development. We can serve your goals with our guidance.