A small team for web-based startup needs

We can help you achieve your goals and realize your ideas.

Need a small and agile team for a short time period?

How we can help a startup

Manage and write your web solutions

By working with a modern stack (Laravel, Vue.js), we are sure that we can help you to take the next step. We can allocate our time once in a while for 3-6 months. But of course, we can adapt.

A highly knowledgeable team

We are an ideal freelance team for web-related tasks. Together we can deliver on UI design, inclusive design, accessibility, front-end, and back-end.

How the job is done?

About the technical details

Scalable Laravel development

Laravel is a great choice when it’s about application development. It’s a complex and powerful PHP framework with a huge ecosystem around it.

Vue.js on the front-End

Vue is the perfect tool to extend Laravel on the front-end. It covers everything we need, yet your application will be light and flexible.

Modularity and scalability

We make modular and scalable code, to easily adopt to the needs that come later. Also, this approach makes the application easily testable and extendable.

We know our craft, and we have an official Laravel Certification, which was taken by Gergő. We can help you with high quality code.

Our expertise, your needs

More information

Want to create your first MVP?

An MVP is usually a necessary thing to measure an idea. Building just the parts that you need can be challenging but vital. We try to make the MVPs, early prototypes in a way that can be improved later.

We can only build with our toolkit

We use various tools when we develop. The two main pillars are Laravel and Vue.js. On top of these two, we can achieve a lot. Unfortunately, we can work with tools that are unknown to us.

4+ years of experience, a good team

We work together for more than four years. We can work together well; we complete each other professionally.

A reliable contractor team

We want to work with you and not for you. We deliver our promises, tell you what a good or a bad idea is.

Do you want us to help you with your startup?

Contact us and we help you to bring life into your idea.

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